professor klein

Professor Burton H. Klein

A stellar career as a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, schools' administrator followed by an award-winning college teaching career …
Donald R. Stoddard Faculty Award of Excellence (8/12/06, Strayer University), Burton Klein Award for Distinguished Service (12/3/02, The College of New Jersey).

However, for 20 years, Burton Klein's career has been complemented by an average of over 100 speaking engagements per year. Above and beyond these engagements are cruise-ship lectures on Crystal, Norwegian, and
Oceania cruise lines.

In March 2013, Burton began a Philadelphia television lecture series on Comcast Cablevision, Channel 53, and FIOS | Verizon, Channel 21.

Professor Klein is the former president of the prestigious Schoolmen's Club of Philadelphia and the English Club of Philadelphia. Many of his published articles appear in "The Social Studies" and "The Science Teacher."

With ethos, pathos, and logos, Klein's highly unique presentations feature substance, the dynamics of power speaking, and a blend of humor to touch the hearts of his vast following.

If one is seeking an essay-type presentation to be read, do not contact Professor Klein. If one desires a bland presentation with a clock-watching audience, do not request Burton Klein for your group. If one thinks "um" and "ah" are part and parcel for a speaker's delivery, Klein is not your person.

Based on Klein's college teaching, as well as his world travels with wife Sandra, and his school-system administrative career, his 1,018 colorful presentations encompass the following areas:

Enhancing the Novel – citation of many components of novel writing toward novel-reading enjoyment . . .
Aristotelian Logic – teaches one to win the battles of life in today's world
Power Speaking – leave the room on the road to oratorical successes
Leadership – components of – and how to make them part of one's style
Getting the Job – the unusual, ethical, and dynamic methods to gain employment
Grammar, Come Alive – Indeed it will!

Along with Professor Klein's college teaching and voluminous speaking engagements, he can also be found on Philadelphia radio.

With the ethics of ethos, the passion of pathos, and the reasoning of logos, Klein is the man for the next corporate event, the keynote at the college graduation, or whatever one's speaking needs might be.


To contact Burton H. Klein, e-mail him as follows: kleinprofs@aol.com
Please include your telephone number with area code.



selected web articles & quotes
regarding professor klein
Abington Township Public Library
"On certain Thursday mornings the Abington Free Library sparkles. That's when Professor Burton Klein of Strayer University and The College of New Jersey and a former Philadelphia schools' administrator lends his vivacious energy to a multi-faceted series of talks.

On those mornings the Shorday Room holds comfortable chairs, a well-dressed man and only the posterboard on an easel that he has illustrated, but the most talented and engrossing actors don't need many props."

from The Star - E.C.W. News

"Our program will feature a presentation by Professor Burton H. Klein entitled "A Different World -- New England." Burton Klein is a professional speaker who weaves a magical story into each of his presentations."

Temple Topics, April 2006 (search for seniors section)
"Our guest speaker will be Professor Burton Klein. Professor Klein was a school principal and assistant to seven superintendents. He went to The College of New Jersey, teaching novel writing and the logic of Aristotle and Strayer University teaching power speaking and logic.”

"He is also on WPEN radio regularly, and he and his wife are world travelers."

Black History Month at The College of New Jersey
Tuesday, February 12, 2002
"Twenty-Three Years on the Streets of North Philly"
Guest Speaker: Professor Burton Klein, English Department

Holy Redeemer Health & Fitness Center
Lecture with the Sweats
"In its quest for the ultimate in physical health education, Holy Redeemer Health & Fitness Center adds yet another dimension to its programming. 'Lecture with the Sweats,' presented by Burton Klein, is a three-part series. Participants are encouraged to attend in comfortable attire. Location: Holy Redeemer Health & Fitness Center, 1648 Huntingdon Pike, Meadowbrook (hospital campus). A former Philadelphia schools' principal and assistant to superintendents, Klein taught logic and power speaking at the university level and is known for his many guest appearances on Philadelphia's WPEN radio."

from Philly Talk Magazine, January 1977

Comments from Report Cards for Principals:
"It seems that this principal does everything right. He's on the premises all day, every day, maintains a close relationship with the community, teaches classes, knows each of his students by name and has visited most of their homes. He has Walton running like clockwork."